Depilation Cream Pubic hair removalAfter I found out that a razor leaves my skin in the condition I don’t want anybody to see. I was out looking for other options. Let me tell you I wasn’t alone in this search. My best friend Linda and me just turned 15 and we felt like we needed to be the sexiest girls out there. We were trying really hard. As Linda was cutting herself every time she took a razor in her hands, she joined me on this trip at the store. We decided to do a little at home hair care, but down there. So, we spent a fortune on different depilating products to run a test.

When we got back home from the store we were eager to try out the depilation cream we got. Our pick was a well-known Veet Hair Removal Cream. The cream works by breaking down the structure of the hair and promised to leave us bald down there for about 10 days. It came with a plastic bladeless razor that you use to scrape off the foam. Linda was happy she doesn’t cut anything off her body again, and I was hoping I would get that smooth hairless skin on my bikini area.

So, the two of us are in the bathroom spreading the Veet lotion on, while intense chemical odor makes our shelter an impossible place to stay in. Back then the idea of applying strong chemicals to the sensitive skin on the bikini lines was not as terrifying as now. I knew you have to be really careful, because if you get it on some of the more sensitive skin, it really stings and burns. As I was doing my bikini area, she was doing hers. After about two minutes or so, she started complaining that it was burning a little. I told her to hold on…it needed a little more time to work. After another 15 seconds, she was in a full blown panic. She said she thought it was eating the skin around her… Anyway, I rushed to help her get all of the lotion off and in doing that, some of my lotion rubbed into my more sensitive areas. I started burning as hell. Now both of us were jumping in the shower trying to get that thing off us. There we were, both of us near tears from the pain (well, and from me laughing which my friend didn’t appreciate very much!).

While Linda had a bikini line that cannot even be described by words, I had some of my hair removed, but I got irritation that was even worse than after using a razor. I felt like chemicals were melting down my skin, so I had to run to the bathroom twice at night to make sure no cream was left there. I rinsed it several times, but it didn’t help at all. That night we moved around the house with some apparent difficulties and the next morning I found that my bikini line still looked like a disaster. The plastic bladeless scraper or the cream itself irritated worse than any razor I used before.

The next evening I found my hair was growing back. And this is after only 2 days…:(

Lessons leant:

Veet Hair Removal Cream1. A depilation cream should not be applied to the sensitive skin. I don’t think somebody’s bikini area could be NOT a sensitive area… Or, is it just me?
2. A depilatory cream removes hair on the skin’s surface just a little bit deeper than shaving. So all your hair will grow back pretty fast. It will take twice as long as after regular shaving.
3. Some beauticians recommend not using depilatory lotions more than every 28 days to avoid damaging the underlying layers of skin as a new outer layer of skin is formed every 28 days.

Other parts of the story:
Razor…Crème…Epilator…Wax…Laser…and Design. Bikini Line!!!
1. …Shaving!
3. …Epilators!
4. …Waxing
5. …Pubic Hair Design